Feeble Connections【電子書籍】[ Meghana Sarathy ]


<p>A charming Casanova- Brandon<br /> A Beautiful, Sassy woman in search of true love- Jennifer<br /> A cocky basketball player- Linden<br /> Three lives, two best friends and one unique love story.<br /> Feeble Connection spins the tale of two friends- Jennifer and Brandon, who meet in college. They were opposite on many grounds and yet perfect for one another. More so as best friends. The love that blossomed in their hearts never made it to their lips. It was Jennifer's lost hope or perhaps Brandon's ignorance to understand his own feelings that made him pave the way for Jennifer to meet Linden . He was very different from Brandon and yet he managed to steal her heart.<br /> Can first love be truly forgotten?<br /> Is second love truly that strong?<br /> Is it even possible to love two people at same time?</p> <p>Feeble Connections mark the beginning of The Love Connection Series. The series can be started with this book. Love Connection and Love Reconnection which follow this book are already published and available for purchase.</p> <p>*Due to sexual content and profanity, recommended for readers 18 +</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。


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