Feebles for the Fable-Minded【電子書籍】[ Gerald Weinberg ]


<p data-version="1.1"> For many years, I've insisted that I don't care much for short stories?and that's why I don't write them.</p> <p> Well, all these years, I've apparently been fooling myself. Not only do I like (some) short stories, I adore them. Not only that, but I write them.</p> <p> How could I have been so wrong? When preparing this collection, I just realized that *fables are short stories*?and I've always loved fables.</p> <p> Looking back over my reading experiences, I think I see now why I love fables so much: They have a moral, a point?a reason for existing and taking up my time.</p> <p> In other words, fables are short stories containing lessons. Other short (or long) stories may or may not contain lessons. Those that do contain lessons?and teach them well?those are the stories I like best.</p> <p> I am not saying I don't like stories that don't contain lessons, stories that merely entertain. I like being entertained. But if I'm reading for entertainment, I don't want the entertainment to be over in a minute or two. No, I want hundreds of pages of entertainment, so I like many novels?but only if they're at least 400 pages long. The longer the better.</p> <p> Anyway, I now confess that I do indeed like (some) short stories?so much so that I've actually written many of them. And most of them are fables, the stories I love. In case you don't believe me, I've produced this book, with more than a dozen fables from my collection. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.</p> <p> - Jerry Weinberg, Corrales, New Mexico</p> <p> Table of Contents<br/> Introduction<br/> Feeble 1: The Fairy and the Pig<br/> Feeble 2: The Phox and the Pheasants<br/> Feeble 3: The Cricket Who Wanted to Play Cricket<br/> Feeble 4: The Cricket Who Wanted to Play Baseball<br/> Feeble 5: The Little Red Hen<br/> Feeble 6: The Dog Who Read Fables<br/> Feeble 7: Curly’s Squirrelly Nut Store<br/> Feeble 8: The Two Stags<br/> Feeble 9: The Lemmings<br/> Feeble 10: The Mongrel and the Poodle<br/> Feeble 11: The Goat and the Hippo<br/> The Goat and the Hippo?Part 2<br/> Feeble 12: The Triplets and The Leprechaun<br/> Feeble 13: Lock, Stock, and Barrel<br/> Feeble 14: The Two Philosophers<br/> Feeble 15: The Impatient Psychiatrist<br/> ADDITIONAL READING</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。


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